Location: Walkersville, MD
Completed: 2018
Value Class: <$500K; EPC $3.9MM

The Client is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the pharma & biotech and specialty ingredient markets with products that enhance your overall quality of life.

Project Details

TAI partnered with the Client to upgrade and expand the LAL manufacturing area at their biotechnology facility in Walkersville, Maryland. TAI provided engineering, procurement and management support from preliminary engineering through construction and commissioning of the area and equipment. An agile waterfall construction process was used to provide construction documents in a manner conducive to phased, compartmentalized construction which minimized outage time.

The following building and architectural work was completed:

  • Grey area building expansion of ~2000 sq ft with new area conditioning, energy efficient lighting and backup power for critical equipment in the LAL area
  • New cool storage for WIP and product with control integration to the BMS
  • Complete clean room renovation including walls, ceilings, flooring, HVAC, lighting and utilities.
  • A new electrical room, integrated with site UPS, to serve the LAL area

The following equipment was installed as part of the project: 2 LyoMax lyophilizers, lyophilizer support skids, an autoclave, chilled water system pumps and auxiliary equipment, rooftop HVAC. In support of the equipment installation and building expansion TAI sized, designed and oversaw the installation and modification of 480V switchgear, transformers, panelboards, MCC’s, control systems, WFI water, RO water, process water, clean steam, house steam and compressed air.


As a result of the successful project, the Client realized increased production capacity, capability and reliability. Enhanced safety and working conditions were realized.

Key Project Responsibilities

  • Performed Load Cell Calibrations with our internal Mass Flow Standards.
  • Entered all calibration data into Blue Mountain Calibration Database.
  • Performed troubleshooting and repair services.
  • Provided a project start-up team to the client.
  • Worked shift work to accomplish tasks and meet project deadlines after construction delays.

Services Provided:

  • MEP Engineering & Design
  • Project Management
  • Structural Engineering


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