Location: Walkersville, MD
Completed: Ongoing
Value Class: <$1MM

The Client is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the pharma & biotech and specialty ingredient markets with products that enhance your overall quality of life.

Project Details

TAI provides regular monthly calibration and metrology services to the Client’s Walkersville facility. Instrument technicians supply calibration services for monthly scheduled devices and equipment, new instrument installations and for project equipment installations requiring validation. Technicians follow all of the Client’s site and safety rules and calibrations are performed to the Clients MIRs. All calibrations are non-accredited 17025 compliant, no uncertainties are provided and calibration intervals will be determined by the individual device MIR.

Calibration of instrumentation devices including analytical pressure, temperature, flow, level, and weigh cell devices and digital, control valves, switches and position indicators with regards to utility and process instrumentation. All services are provided under fully audited ISO 9001:2008 policies and procedures.

TAI has provided one Instrumentation & Controls Project Manager, two Instrumentation & Controls Technicians and an I&C Apprentice to perform monthly calibrations on a schedule to include shipment of 3rd party calibrations. TAI routinely works overtime, weekends and on holidays to accomplish the calibration tasks.

Cost Saving Reduction Actions

TAI offered the Client our existing calibration support approach and suggested cost saving measures.

TAI Instrumentation & Controls Project Manager Duties
  • Provide Management of the Instrumentation Calibration and Controls services for the site.
  • Perform an overview of the existing calibration points and suggest moving to an industry standard (Best Practices) to initiate the change which will improve calibration time.
  • Initiated the change to utilizing ProCal in the field while executing the calibrations which will result in an improved calibration execution time.
  • Created or updated MIRs as needed.
  • Provided support for FDA and customer audits.
  • Created Monthly Calibration Schedule and coordinate scheduling with equipment owners.
  • Managed TAI I&C Technicians.
  • Performed an overview of tasks that are currently outsourced and bring in-house where applicable.
  • Scheduled calibrations with system owners for systems that require downtime.
  • Provided Instrumentation & Controls Procurement Services when needed.
  • Attended 0800 Daily Huddle Meeting.
  • Provided status updates to Lonza’s Manager of Facilities and Equipment.
TAI Instrumentation & Controls Technician Duties
  • Performed assigned calibration tasks based on the monthly schedule provided.
  • Performed Instrumentation & Controls Troubleshooting Services.
  • Performed Instrumentation & Controls Installation Services.
  • Responded to off hours emergency on-call service requests.
  • Completed all required calibration documentation.
  • Attended 0800 Daily Huddle Meeting in place of I&C Manager as directed.
  • Recommended upgrades or best installation practices to existing instrumentation and controls systems were applicable.
  • Execute instrumentation and controls services according to the sites safety and gowning policies.
TAI Instrumentation & Controls Apprentice Duties
  • Assisted PM with getting quotes, PR’s and shipping of calibration standards and outsourced measuring and test equipment.
  • Assisted PM with scheduling with system owners for equipment that requires down time to perform calibration.
  • Assisted with scanning and filing of completed and reviewed calibration reports.
  • Assisted I&C technicians with preparing calibration reports and MIR review.
  • Performed lower level calibrations under supervision. Pressure and or Temperature Gauges.
  • Daily / Master Calibration Records provided for all instruments that were serviced
  • All NIST Traceable Certificates provided for TAL calibration standards that were utilized
  • Calibration labels affixed to each device.

Services Provided:

  • Calibration Services
  • Compliance


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