Meet the Staff

TAI offers a wide range of Engineering, Management, and Technical Service career opportunities.  We are always seeking talented individuals to join our dynamic team, whether you are a recent graduate or experienced professional.  Our competitive salary and benefits package, in addition to a challenging and diverse work environment, ensure that employees can achieve their full career potential.

TAI’s strong workplace community has become part of our corporate identity.  We work together as an organization to support, recognize and appreciate the contributions of each team member.  TAI’s Mission Statement provides a platform where common values lay a framework for building company relationships built on respect, support, and camaraderie. If you would like to become part of an organization where you can take pride in your career, your contributions and your company, please send your resume to


Employee Stories

Greg Cannady

Greg Cannady

Electrical Foreman

Mr. Cannady has been an employee of TAI for over 5 years working currently as an Electrical Foreman. He has been in the Electrical Field Services and Construction industry for over 40 years. His immense experience in electrical construction and contracting and his unmatchable work ethic has made Mr. Cannady a must-have asset to the TAI team!  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as enjoys traveling to different parts of the USA. He has several hobbies which include singing, playing bass guitar and fishing.

Quote: “TAI has given me the opportunity to experience a variety of different challenges–from commercial to heavy industrial. I have learned much from my experiences and I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me at TAI”.

Bridget King

Bridget King, PMP, PE

Project Manager & Process Engineer

Bridget has been with TAI for over 2 years and has been working in the process industry for 7 years. She started with TAI as a Process Engineer where she was immediately involved on several projects, in varying industries, across multiple states, including large design-build projects. After her first year at TAI, Bridget was promoted to Project Manager/Process Engineer allowing her to perform in multiple roles, taking full advantage of her educational background, past professional experience, and career focus. Bridget is originally from Minnesota where she earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering and later her M.S. in Engineering Management from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN.  In her spare time, Bridget volunteers at a local fire station, and is an Assistant Den Leader for a female den in Cub Scouts. She enjoys the outdoors through hiking, camping, fishing, and rock climbing. She also likes working out, small home renovation projects, and hanging out with friends.

Quote: “TAI strives for continuous improvement, starting with encouraging growth in their employees. TAI has encouraged and supported me through obtaining my Professional Engineering License (PE) and my Project Management Certification (PMP). TAI has also provided me with many learning opportunities, challenges, and guidance to further develop my skills as an Engineer and Project Manager.”

Adam Kasprzyk

Adam Kasprzyk

Project Manager

Adam has been with TAI for over 9 years and has been in the engineering industry for over 17 years. His journey at TAI has been like an exciting rollercoaster ride. He started his TAI career as a Mechanical Designer and then moved into the Lead Mechanical Designer role, which allowed him to gain experience and knowledge to become an employee of increased value at TAI. With this newly acquired experience and knowledge, TAI saw an even more promising future for Adam, ultimately promoting him to a Project Manager in the Buildings & Facilities division, where he currently operates. In his spare time, Adam enjoys working out, riding his Harley-Davidson and relaxing on his boat during the summer months.

Quote: “TAI has been very supportive by encouraging continuing education and providing all the tools needed to progress into my current position. TAI provides a work environment that gives the employee room to grow and advance from within the company.”

Willy Stull

Willy Stull

Sr. Technical Designer (Process & Industrial Division)

Willy has been with TAI for over 21 years and has been in the industry for over 42 years. He started with TAI as a Process Piping Designer located onsite at a Baltimore chemical plant. Over the years, he has worked on many projects at many facilities in the Chemical, Power & Energy industries ultimately holding the title as a Senior Technical Designer. For nearly 20 years of his career (prior to TAI), Willy traveled the country pursuing contract assignments at various engineering companies and project construction sites. Since joining TAI over 21 years ago, Willy has found TAI to be a great place to call “home.” Willy loves to stay busy and work with his hands. He enjoys Vintage Drag Racing and building custom automobiles. He  and his wife live in the country where they built a house and a horse barn. He has three (3) children living in New York City, NY and Miami, FL.

Quote: “The culture at TAI has encouraged me to expand my skills, to coordinate with other disciplines, and work closely with clients. This, along with extensive time working in the field, has helped broaden my knowledge and ‘round out’ my experience.”

Jennifer Sparks

Jennifer Sparks

Associate, I&C Field Services Division Manager

Jen has been with TAI for over 13 years and has been in the Instrument & Controls Field Services industry for over 23 years.  She started her career at TAI as an Instrument Technician/ Designer working at different industrial client sites before receiving the opportunity to work an outage at a BioPharma facility. She embraced the detail-oriented nature of the BioPharmaindustry, which allowed her to advance her career to the Division Manager position for Metrology and then eventually to her current position as the I&C Field Services Division Manager. In 2017, Jen became an Associate of the company. In her spare time, Jen enjoys spending time with family while cooking, traveling to Civil War Battlefields & Museums, watching movies or series marathons, and reading classic to mystery novels.

Quote: “TAI has allowed me to find my niche in this industry. I’ve been allowed to take my passion for hands-on technical work and run with it.”

John Frey

John C. Frey, PE

Associate, Director of Project Management & Process Engineering

John has been with TAI for over 10 years and has been in the Petrochemical Processing industry for 37+ years. He spent the first 26 years of his career working in the Petrochemical industry in a plant setting working with highly hazardous chemicals. He started fresh out of college as a Process Engineer, and worked his way through roles in engineering, management systems, and operations.

John had a wide exposure to the  issues that this industry faces, including safety conformance, code compliance, environmental awareness, operating efficiency and personnel management. In 2007, the plant which he worked for those 26 years shuttered which led him to TAI where he started as a Project Manager. As TAI grew, so did his role leading him to become the Division Manager of Industrial Projects where he had business development responsibilities at some of TAI’s industrial clients in addition to management of key Industrial projects. As TAI continued to grow, his role further expanded to the Division Manager of both Industrial and Manufacturing projects. Lastly, in 2014, he began his current role as Associate Director of Project Management & Process Engineering. In his spare time he loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, and sailing.