Structural Steel Services – SCI

TAI’s Structural Steel Services division retains highly experienced personnel to provide steel fabrication, erection, and structural project field services support for industrial and manufacturing industries. This group works toward securing structurally specific construction projects as well as providing structural support for other SCI construction divisions and pursuing self-performance opportunities arising from TAI engineering design projects.

To date, we have successfully completed fabrication, installation, and procurement projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The initial focus of this new division will be self-performance of small to mid-sized structural steel projects (up to 100 tons) as well as significantly larger projects (steel and concrete) that we will continue to direct through our industry partnerships.

The designation of this new branch of SCI will position TAI-SCI as a true EPC (Engineer/Procure/Construct) Contractor offering our Clients a genuine single-source for all of their structural needs.