Emergent BioSolutions has partnered with TAI Engineering to expand and maintain manufacturing capabilities at multiple sites in Maryland. As a result of several key contracts to develop COVID-19 vaccines, in particular, the task order with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to produce millions of vaccines. TAI played a key role in the installation and maintenance of the equipment needed to meet Emergent’s client requirements.
TAI has been instrumental in the fight against COVID-19. Their steadfast support has allowed our team at Emergent BioSolutions to continue to manufacture potential COVID-19 vaccines without interruption. We are grateful for their committed service during this trying time.

– Jacqueline Linaberry

Metrology Supervisor Emergent BioSolutions

From the management of new systems and equipment installations to the calibration and commissioning of critical instrumentation, TAI has been ready and willing to contribute at a moment’s notice.
TAI’s ISO17025:2017 Metrology, Instrumentation and Controls division, worked with Emergent’s Metrology team in an ongoing effort to calibrate utility, process and lab equipment to make sure all instrumentation are at peak performance throughout vaccine development. Calibration improves assurance of precise measurements required in research, development, and innovation.
TAI’s Technical capabilities include an electronic calibrations lab, instrumentation and controls, and inspection & test services. Every step of maintaining and calibrating equipment used in lab and manufacturing facilities is covered by TAI. For Emergent’s project, TAI performed and provided As-Found and As-Left Calibration Services, provided calibration test standards and most recently provided our in-house Mass Flow Meters that allowed Emergent to stay in production.
By nature, all measurement processes are accompanied by errors, uncertainties and cannot be eliminated. However, the process of calibration quantifies and controls these uncertainties of the measurement processes to an “acceptable level” that is used to create industry standards. TAI is able to calibrate these instruments, per our internal calibration procedures or customer calibration procedures which is vital to the sensitivity to this type of lab work. Calibrations can be influenced daily, depending on many fluctuating variables, so this service can be used daily, weekly, monthly or annually. TAI can perform these services for any interval and per our ISO17025 Accreditation.
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