Electrical Engineering

TAI’s forward-thinking engineers deliver reliable and robust designs for any industry application.

Industrial Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls

TAI’s electrical, instrumentation and controls department has a wide knowledgebase across many industries. At the same time, we are a strategically sized firm that gives you ready access to subject matter experts. Our company structure also connects our engineers across disciplines, allowing for streamlined communication and project efficiencies that benefit our clients. The end result is the creation of reliable designs and construction documents that are easily understood and efficiently buildable.

Commercial Electrical Engineering

Clients benefit from TAI’s ability to serve the electrical engineering needs of a wide range of organizations, from government to medical to office. Our engineers start with a foundation of best practices and then consider solutions and systems from other industries. These insights allow us to deliver quickly and efficiently, while our close collaboration with clients ensures that every need is met.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

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