Location: Laurel, MD
Completed: 2016

The Client is a major ice cream and frozen snack producer which manufactures and distributes a full spectrum of ice cream and frozen products.

Project Details

TAI developed several services for the Client including preliminary engineering, automation and controls and inspection and test services and site-wide power system analysis.

For the first project, the Client needed services required to support testing of the hygienic air system serving their three lines 10, 11, and 12. This portion of this project included the testing of the two air handlers, all supply, return and exhaust air devices and preliminary engineering support. TAI provided preliminary engineering SMG Space, equipment testing, HVAC modifications and upgrades to implement the ductwork and controls modifications to the BU-B and BU-C processing area to control the space humidity during and after the production line cleaning procedure. The air handling units effected included AHU 100, 101, 102, and 103.

The subsequent project included bringing the Client’s plant into compliance with OSHA regulations and provide safety for electrical workers. TAI provided a comprehensive, site-wide power system analysis that included short circuit current calculations, equipment evaluation, load flow, protective device coordination, and arc flash hazard evaluation.

Relevant project details:

  • The facility’s power distribution system included an on-site 33kV substation with dual utility feeders, a looped 33 kV distribution system, three 4160V substations, and seven 480V substations, ranging in size from 2500 kVA to 6000 kVA.
  • A survey of the entire site’s electrical system was made. Working from an existing model, TAI updated the model based on information gained.
  • To address the power system’s multiple operating modes, a total of five scenarios were studied. These included loss of one utility feeder; closed transition switching between feeders; and closed loop operation.
  • Findings included a listing of inadequately rated equipment and recommendations were made for upgrading equipment as required.
  • Recommendation included protective device settings designed to mitigate arc flash hazards found while providing a reasonable degree of coordination (selectivity).
  • Recommended circuit breaker settings and arc flash label installation were made by a TAI licensed electrician under the supervision of the project electrical engineer.


Services Provided:

  • Inspection & Test Services
  • Power System Analysis
  • Preliminary Engineering


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