About the Program

Employees of TAI are immediately eligible to refer candidates, who if hired, will result in your receipt of a referral bonus in the amount of $1,000 (less taxes).
Current job openings can be found below. However, we are always seeking talented professionals and referrals are not limited to those current open positions.

Program Rules

1. No referral bonuses are paid for referral of relatives of employees.
Talent Acquisition department employees, directors, and managers to whom a candidate will report are excluded from receiving referral bonuses.

2. Once a referral is hired and completes 90 days of service, the employee designated as the nominee will receive 100% of the referral bonus.

3. If the same candidate is referred by more than one employee, the date of the earliest referral will govern.

4. The hiring process will be fair and consistent with Company policy and procedures, with no bias for or against candidates whose selection might make another employee eligible for a referral bonus.

5. This program applies only to full time positions; part-time positions and internships are excluded.

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