TAI offers cyber security services to secure your operations by segregating the control network, implementing intrusion detection systems, and conducting regular security audits.

Our solutions include the following:

Operational Technology Solutions
• Analyze
• Network Analysis
• Device Inventory
• Lifecycle and Vulnerability Assessment

Architecture Implementation
• Network Architecture Planning
• Centralized Server Development Security and Hardening
• Network Segmentation
• DMZ and Firewall deployment and setup
• Centralized User

Authentication and Access Level Control
• Periodic OT Device Patching and Vulnerability Mitigation
• Application and Program Version Control with Disaster Recovery

Manufacturing operations has become increasing susceptible to security risks that impact production and intellectual capital. To better prepare and inform our clients, we have produced a QUARTERLY JOURNAL to provide best practices and information on how to keep your manufacturing operations safe. You are invited to read our first publication and subscribe!


Operational Technology Solutions

Architecture Implementation

Security and Hardening

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