Client: Verizon Wireless
Location: Hagerstown, MD
Value Class: >$1MM

Project Details

A wireless telecommunications facility was added to an existing hi-rise building rooftop, constructed in the 1920’s. A new steel platform was constructed above an open section of roof to support utility equipment and telecommunications cabinets. Wireless antennas were installed on three separate support structures oriented approximately 120-degrees apart in order to provide 360-degrees of signal transmission. A standby generator was also placed on the rooftop equipment platform and a gas booster pump was installed in the building basement to supply natural gas fuel.

TAI provided civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering design and documentation for zoning and construction. Since no original drawings were available, a structural investigation was required to locate the existing building columns and supports. TAI had to design a separate rooftop entrance for the client’s service technicians. An assessment of the building’s electrical system was also required to determine if sufficient additional capacity was available to power the telecom site. Lastly, all new site utilities were housed in the building’s basement and paths with supports were designed to extend power to the rooftop equipment.

  • TAI designed and detailed the structural steel for the equipment platform and each antenna sector support.
  • TAI designed and detailed the electrical system and all connections from the existing building service to the various telecommunications equipment components.
  • TAI designed and detailed the mechanical piping for the gas service entering the building at the basement level to the rooftop mounted standby generator.
  • TAI worked with the site acquisition specialist to supply all necessary legal and zoning exhibits.

Services Provided:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering


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