Location: Havre de Grace, MD
Completed: 2018
Value Class: <$100K

The Client is a science company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life. Our purpose —we bond people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress—is a call to go beyond, to reinvent future forms of progress and create sustainable shared value for all through the power of science.

Project Details

TAI reviewed and analyzed the construction of a 100-gallon mixing mezzanine at the Client’s facility to determine if the placarded 150 psf uniform live load rating indicated for the mezzanine was accurate. Included in this analysis was the addition of a proposed “drum heater”, weighing approximately 2,000lbs.

Existing Construction and Observed Conditions

The existing mezzanine measured approximately 33’-0” x 25’-0”. The floor covering was 1/4-inch thick steel diamond plating. The plate was supported by W12x26 steel beams running north /south spaced at approximately 2’-0” on center. The W12x26 floor beams are supported at the north and south sides of the mezzanine a 12” (nom.), concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall. A W18x40 girder is located near the center of the 33’ dimension and runs east/west thus supporting the joists in the center of the mezzanine.


The structural analysis revealed that the existing steel framing and supporting CMU walls were sufficient to support the proposed equipment installation. Further, TAI verified that the placarded 150 psf uniform live load rating is appropriate for this area of the facility.


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