Location: Hampstead, MD
Completed: 2016
Value Class: $17MM (project value $40MM)

The Client is a manufacturer of all different spices and seasonings, located in Owings Mills, Maryland. The Client is driven by consumer trend insights and delivers its products with confidence as a 75-year industry leader.

Project Details


TAI’s flexibility and ability to create solutions under strict parameters led to a successful project completion.


The Client needed to relocate their old facility in Reisterstown, Maryland to a brand new 225,000 sf manufacturing facility in Hampstead, Maryland. A challenge with the relocation was the geometry of building a new milling train with limited space. Scope, schedule and budget were all predetermined and TAI was tasked with working within those parameters to get the conveyor working with accepted through-puts within budget and on schedule.

The Client’s Germany Facilities configures their milling trains vertically: they convey the raw feed-stock (solid/powder material) to the top of the milling tower and use gravity to move the material down through the milling equipment. The architectural layout of the Hampstead, Maryland facility required a horizontal layout of milling equipment, which requires conveying by pneumatic and/or mechanical (screw/auger conveyor, etc.) means. FNA opted for the mechanical solution.


TAI provided overall project management from contractor bidding, engineering and design, electrical and mechanical services, construction documents and field support for installation to streamline project efficiency from start to finish.

Additionally, TAI provided digital scanning equipment, personnel and labor to provide a digital scan of the new packaging area to save time on manual calculations and provide precise measurements. Pivotal services to make this project successful was the TAI technical personnel involved in site visits to acquire field data, meet with client project and operation personnel and review existing field conditions. TAI’s electrical services included the installation of motor control panels, power feeds, installation of conduit & wire and field disconnect switches for all motors, termination boxes and emergency stop pushbutton stations. TAI’s construction services installed the Electrical and Controls raceway and wiring per TAI’s design documents. Seven panels in the control room were grounded and bonded all major electrical equipment per National Electrical Code Requirements.


The 3D scan validated TAI’s design for the efficient installation of equipment and mezzanine. TAI addressed technical issues and prospective project tasks as the predetermined schedule, parameters, and budget posed many challenges. TAI worked with Fuchs to ensure production layouts and equipment selections provided required throughputs and performances within the predetermined building geometry. TAI managed subcontractor bidding, selection and subsequent installation of equipment and processes to bring this two and a half year project to its conclusion.

Services Provided:

  • Construction & Project Management
  • Construction Administration


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