Location: New York, NY
Completed: 2022
Value Class: <$75,000

The Client is a US-based manufacturer of American-made PPE. With global operations, the Client is at the forefront of industrial safety equipment technology that includes breathing air systems and gas detection systems, along with innovative safety services for customers with multi-disciplined contract work forces.

Project Details


TAI provided consulting engineering services as it relates to Process Safety and Compliance at the Client’s Baltimore, MD nitrate medical exam glove manufacturing facility. The Client was concerned with the chlorine distribution process due to it being a hazardous material and the volume used would require a Risk Management Plan under section 112 ( r ) of the Clean Air Act. The Client also wanted the assistance of a SME to establish both short- and long-term strategies that expedited initial construction and operation permitting, while also ensuring eventual compliance and system certification.

TAI provided Process Safety and Compliance consulting services to ensure the facility’s design and implementation of manufacturing equipment (and ancillary buildings) adhered to Baltimore County (AHJ) code. Local Code required that all manufacturing equipment receive NRTL certification prior to operation. TAI evaluated the process design and related systems to ensure national and local regulations such as NFPA, OSHA, EPA and Chlorine Institute requirements were met.

TAI performed the following tasks to successfully execute the project:

  • Identified potentially applicable regulations, local codes, or applicable consensus standards for the manufacturing process and equipment.
  • Performed HAZOP studies to identify safety or performance risks
  • Facilitated Risk Prioritized Design reviews of equipment, facility, and control system designs to ensure conceived risk controls are appropriate and adequate.

The following manufacturing areas and equipment were included in the PHA(s):

  • Chlorination System / Distribution
  • Chemical Storage Area / Chlorine Storage
  • Scrubber and Chemical Storage
  • Production
  • Acid Alkaline Area
  • Polymer Room
  • Diluted Acid Area
  • KOH Dilution
  • Neutralizer

Services Provided:

  • Compliance
  • Project Management


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