Location: Baltimore, MD

The Client is chemical company that produces chemicals, performance products, functional materials & solutions, agricultural solutions, and Oil & Gas.

The Client called upon TAI to provide professional internal / external / hydro inspection support services for their September Shutdown Inspection Plan. TAI has provided similar services for the Client for many years.

Project Details

For the September shutdown, TAI specifically assisted the Client with performing the internal / external inspections of plant equipment including tanks, boiler, vessels, columns, heat exchangers, and piping. TAI worked with the Client’s plant personnel handling the logistics of the equipment entries to complete necessary work in an efficient and timely manner over the course of a 15-day period.

Specific tasks:

  • Performed a complete internal / external visual inspection of the equipment
  • Collected photographs of any deficiencies noted during the visual inspection process
  • Collected thickness data and compared it to calculations for minimum required thickness for each component
  • Collected hardness and other measurements on FRP and Poly equipment
  • Provided recommendations for corrective actions as required to address indications found during the inspection


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