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Companies are turning to on-site talent to sustain capabilities and keep their staff numbers leaner and their bottom line more profitable. In today’s climate many companies are having a hard time finding qualified, dedicated professionals. TAI’s On-Site technical, engineering and management services provides corporations with an expendable resource to accomplish short- and long-term goals without overhead costs such as employee insurance, travel expenses and liability issues. On-site services create greater flexibility for project-based support as they can release or retain talent as needed – including the need to backfill temporarily vacated internal positions or address marketplace shortages for skilled professionals.

CapEx, OpEx and Maintenance Support

ABOUT: The Client is a producer of fuels, lubricants, and other products essential to modern transportation throughout the Americas. Operating several blending facilities throughout the United States, the Client has relied on TAI’s expertise to provide Engineering, Management, and Technical Services for over a decade.

PROJECT DETAILS: In addition to the countless CapEx, OpEx, and Maintenance projects executed at the Client’s sites, the Client has counted on TAI’s On-Site Services team to provide local engineering and management resources to serve in an Owner’s Rep capacity. TAI’s Construction Management, Project Management, Safety, and Engineering staff have successfully impacted hundreds of projects over the tenure of this partnership.

Capital Project, Engineering and Facilities Support

ABOUT: The Client is a global leader in flavor operating in two segments across 170 countries and territories. With compelling offerings for every retail and customer strategy, their iconic brands have leading share positions in many markets.

PROJECT DETAILS: The Client’s Capital Projects, Engineering, and Facilities teams across North America have relied on TAI’s expertise to support numerous facility improvement & projects over the years. In addition to countless successfully executed turnkey projects, TAI’s On-Site Services division has provided Project and Construction Management personnel to serve in an owner’s representation capacity at multiple sites regionally to lead plant-level projects year over year.

Capital & Operational Expenditure Support

ABOUT: The Client is an American ice cream company, founded in 1928 in Oakland, California, with nearly 100 years of winning experience in the market and with a robust portfolio of powerhouse brands that everyone knows and loves.

PROJECT DETAILS: The Client has partnered with TAI to lead and support Capital & Operational Expenditure projects for over 15 years. TAI has successfully executed countless design and design-build facility expansion and process improvement projects. TAI’s On-Site Services team has provided Design & Documentation Management, Project Management, Construction Management, and Automation Engineering resources to augment the staff within the Client’s Capital Projects and Engineering departments. This valued partnership has been instrumental in the growth and success of the Client’s manufacturing facility.


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