Location: Hutchinson, KS
Completed: 2012
Value Class: <$50K

The Client is a producer of salt for food, water, conditioning, industrial, agricultural, and road/highway use. The Client is known as the leading producer and marketer of salt in North America.

Project Details

The Client awarded GEA Process Engineering, Inc. this contract for the construction of a Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) Crystallization System at Client’s plant in Hutchinson, KS. GEA subcontracted TAI to design the electrical supply to the equipment serving the Client plant.

The Client was adding a service feeder that would supply voltage of 12.47kV. The feeder would terminate at medium-voltage switchgear that distributes the supply voltage to a 5800 HP compressor controller and a 12.47kV/480V distribution transformer. The design included 480V distribution to a new motor control center and associated motor, heater, control panel and transformer loads. The design included 208/120V and 120/240V distribution panels to supply miscellaneous MVR plant loads. Lastly, TAI worked with the utility to design a dedicated 20MVA redundant utility substation to feed the plant.

Relevant Project Details:

  • Design of new underground conduit system from a Utility Pole to a new Medium-Voltage Switchgear line-up.
  • Design of the 480V distribution system.
  • Design of the power distribution to Control Room, PLC Controls, and Instrumentation loads.
  • Design for equipment Grounding and Lighting Protection.
  • Provided a short circuit analysis of MVR electrical equipment as per established ANSI and IEEE standards.
  • Provided a Protective Device Coordination Study of the MVR plant electrical equipment using the SKM CAPTOR Module of the PTW power analysis software.
  • Provided an Arc Flash Analysis of the MVR plant electrical equipment using SKM Arc Flash Evaluation Module of the PTW software package to determine the maximum Arc Flash incident energy at each bus.
  • Provided a Power Factor Analysis and specify power factor correction equipment for the MVR plant.

Services Provided:

  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Power System Analysis
  • Utility Substation


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