Location: Hazelton, PA
Completed: 2016
Value Class: $206K

The Client is a global confectionary leader know for bringing goodness to the world through its chocolate, sweets, mints and other great-tasting snacks.

Project Details

TAI’s Specialty Construction Group (SCI) provided electrical field services for the Client’s flour expansion project located in Hazelton, PA. TAI-SCI supplied all labor and materials that included the purchase and installation of a new Allen Bradley Motor Control Center, a silo fluidizing bed motor, a dehumidifier booster fan, multiple fused disconnect switches, and variable frequency drives. Installation was part of a TAI design-build project completed at the Client’s four different manufacturing locations.

TAI provided the following:

  1. Allen Bradley Motor Control Center replacement buckets and replacement parts for MCC-400A for the following:
  • Fuses and Overload Contacts for the new 3 HP Sifter Motor.
  • New MCC Bucket for the new 15 HP Silo Fluidizing Air Blower.
  • New MCC Bucket for the new .5 HP Flour Dehumidifier Booster Fan.
  • New MCC Bucket (Fused Disconnect only) for the new Silo Dehumidifier.
  • New MCC Bucket (Variable Frequency Drive) for the new 5 HP Silo Rotary Valve.
  1. New field mounted local disconnect switches for the equipment detailed above.
  2. Local field terminal boxes for discrete and analog signals as specified on the IFC drawings.
  3. TAI modified the Master Control Panel (Allen Bradley PLC 5) as specified on the elementary wiring diagrams to accept the required analog and discrete signals, including installing customer provided Allen Bradley Input and Output Modules into the existing I/O rack, providing a new Allen Bradley Emergency Stop Relay and providing the necessary terminals and panel wiring as required.
  4. Provided conduit and wiring from the MCC-400A to the field mounted disconnect switches.
  5. Provided conduit and wiring from the field mounted disconnect switches to the motors and dehumidifier unit. Final connections will be made with flexible conduit.
  6. Provided conduit and wiring from Master Control Panel to the field terminal boxes.
  7. Provided conduit and wiring from field terminal boxes to the field instrumentation. Final connections were made with flexible conduit.
  8. Provided support for commissioning and start-up of equipment.



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