Location: Salisbury, MD
Completed: 2020
Value Class: $250,000 (Engineering)

The Client is a leading provider of grains, oilseeds, soybean meals, hulls, vegetables, refined oils, palm oils and other related agricultural products.

Project Details

TAI completed preliminary multidiscipline engineering for development of a design build RFP package for adding a new Distillation Column (Deodorizer) and new bleach filters to expand capacity. TAI supported the bidding and bid evaluation process. After the Design Build contract was awarded, TAI Process prepared the final project General Arrangement drawings and completed the piping design to tie-in all of the new equipment into the existing plant piping, including process and utility piping.

Phase One:

TAI expanding the preliminary engineering package, upgrading the design and engineering documents from preliminary to bid by adding additional documents to fully define the project scope of work.

Phase Two:

TAI worked with the Client to create issuing documents and helped to answer bidder contractor questions about the construction bid packages.

Phase Three:

TAI received copies of the bids and evaluated and compiled +/-10% pricing for the Client to submit for project funding approval. TAI used a cost-estimate worksheet to develop the installed and total cost estimate. TAI included detailed design and engineering and cost estimation services to produce itemized construction costs for each of the project descriptions indicated as follows:


  • Distillation Column (Deodorizer Installation)
  • Palm Bleaching [Filter(s) Quantity of Two Vertical Units Installation] Truck Loadout Modifications (Design Development for Costing) Rail Car Siding Addition, Receiving Improvements
  • Additional Truck Receiving with Weigh Scale Installation
  • Utility Services – Soften Water Storage and Transfer
Detailed Design & Construction Bid Documents
  • Provide site visits by mechanical process engineering personnel to clarify scope items
  • Receive additional process equipment information from De Smet and other Perdue consultants.
  • Provide Mechanical and Process Construction Documents:
Mechanical/Process Engineering
  • TAI finalized the deodorizer interface P&IDs and converted the DeSmet P&IDs to prepare a single set of project P&IDs for design document submission.
  • TAI prepared the General Arrangement (GA) drawings including information from all design disciplines.
  • TAI provided the mechanical ventilation design for the deodorizer column enclosure and the loadout structure.
  • TAI located tie-in points for applicable piping defined on the P&ID including the tie-ins for the Distillation Column piping connections, Bleach Filter installations, pump unloading connections and modifications to the truck loadout area.
  • TAI utilized the piping and valve specifications prepared during the preliminary design phase and modified by M&W Contractors.
  • TAI provided piping orthographic and isometric drawings for the palm oil bleach filter installations, utilities modifications, and truck receiving pump installation.
General & Project management

TAI provided Project Management and Quality Assurance with a dedicated Project Manager with detailed project costing experience, responsible for the overall project performance. Responsibilities included engineering staff management, coordination with the Client and other consultants, delivery schedule, budget, engineering, design, and quality of documentation.

Services Provided:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Preliminary & Detailed Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Structural Engineering


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