Location: Hampstead, MD
Completed: 2016
Value Class: $5MM

The Client is a manufacturer of all different spices and seasonings, located in Owings Mills, Maryland. The Client is driven by consumer trend insights and delivers its products with confidence as a 75-year industry leader.

Project Details

TAI provided engineering and construction services to install a Buhler Blending Unit Electrical unit to increase their manufacturing ability. TAI provided design documents for sizing and indicating layout of electrical and controls raceway and wiring from MCP panels to motors and process devices located at a new facility that was under construction. All conductors originated in the control room located on the 3rd  level of the new process building structure for the Blending Unit. The seven panels located in the control room were labeled and each of these panels were installed and located per engineered drawings. Feeders were provided, installed and tested to three (3) of the MCP Panels. Additional feeders for the remaining MCP’s and the Control Panel were provided, installed and tested. Engineered drawings for the installation of these feeders were provided by TAI. Also installed were motor control panels, power feeds, conduit and wire, field disconnect switches for all motors, field termination boxes, emergency stop pushbutton stations. TAI grounded and bonded all major electrical equipment per National Electrical Code Requirements and dressed, labeled and terminated all wiring. Engineering, design, and construction were completed with site construction management and a construction maintenance schedule.

After the design was complete, TAI’s Specialty Construction group (TAI-SCI) provided construction services to install the Electrical and Controls raceway and wiring per the design documents to complete the engineering and construction services. The electrical engineering included technical personnel site visits in order to acquire field data, meet with client project and operation personnel and review existing field conditions as applicable.

TAI’s electrical engineering group performed the following services:

  • Sized all wire and cable per NEC, Industry and Local Authority (Carrol County) standards.
  • Provided diagrammatic plans showing conduit routing.
  • Provided construction drawings certified by a registered professional engineer in the State of Maryland.
  • Assisted in the acquisition of construction permits form Carrol County as required.

Drawing types for electrical work included:

  • Single Line and/or schedules showing motor conductor sizes.
  • Instrument Conduit Block diagrams
  • Network Conduit Block Diagram
  • Instrument and motor location Plans
  • Field Terminal Box Details

Services Provided:

  • Construction Administration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Project Management


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