Location: Laurel, MD
Completed: 2018
Value Class: <$50K

The Client is a major ice cream and frozen snack producer which manufactures and distributes a full spectrum of ice cream and frozen products.

Project Details

TAI completed a Short Circuit Study to calculate the balanced and unbalanced fault currents at all buses and examined, in detail, the branch fault current associated with a fault at a single bus. TAI utilized the SKM Arc Flash Evaluation Module to complete a site arc flash study. The electrical system was analyzed based upon current device settings and recommendations were made for changes in the settings as part of the coordination study using the CAPTOR module of SKM.

As part of the power study, TAI prepared a spreadsheet of existing equipment AIC ratings versus the calculated AIC.

Relevant Project Details:

  • Used the Comprehensive Fault Analysis module from the SKM Systems Analysis PowerTools for Windows (PTW) systems analysis software.
  • The arc flash study followed the IEEE 1584 standard to determine the Arc Flash Hazard incident energy. A summary spreadsheet was developed for each piece of equipment showing NFPA 70E information, including the following: Class of PPE required with a definition of what clothing meets that requirement for each piece of equipment, calculated arc flash incident energy, arc flash boundary and electrical shock boundaries.
  • Generated single line drawings notated to include: AIC ratings, arc flash information, relay fuse and breaker information, transformer data, power company information, cable data, and other information input and output from the study.
  • Provide weatherproof, ready-to-apply, NFPA 70E warning labels for each piece of equipment.


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