Location: Charleston, WV
Completed: 2015

The Client is a coal-mining company based in St. Louis, Missouri. The company is a spin-off of most of the Eastern U.S. operations of Peabody Energy and is second largest coal miner east of the Mississippi River.

Project Details

The Client called upon TAI to provided design and mechanical specification for a 7000 LF of an overland conveyor in a two-phase project to develop new overland conveyors at the Winifredde Mine in West Virginia.

TAI’s project included preparation of a rough order magnitude as well as the needed site development plans for the Client’s bonded boundary requirements. This multiphase project required structural, mechanical and some civil engineering for the transportation of the coal to an existing processing and wash plant. Phase 1 of the system consisted of three (3) individual conveyors totaling nearly 3500 LF in length. TAI developed a performance specification to meet the Client’s requirement of 2600 TPH of coal utilizing Continental conveyor components. A 60” wide belt was chosen with a 30deg trough. TAI’s conveyor designs included engineering for all the trusses, bent and ground supports as well as tower and foundations designs. A downhill braking system was needed to overcome the vertical drops and difficult terrain.

  • System included two (2) Transfer Towers, Head House, and Stacker Tube with 100 Ft of integrated underground reclaim culvert. The reclaim culvert was sized for a 42” conveyor belt with up to 24” clearance on one side and 72” on the other for worker access. Design also included an escape tunnel.
  • Final design drawings included foundations, bent supports and ground supports, trusses, gravity counter weights, and walkway arrangements.
  • TAI developed performance specification for conveyors and site plans for bonding permits.

Services Provided:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Structural Engineering


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