TAI Specialty Construction, Inc., (TAI-SCI), Electrical Service Division, is pleased to announce the addition of Infrared Thermography Services. Thermography has become an essential tool in condition-based maintenance programs. This tool utilizes infrared cameras to record electrical distribution equipment, panelboards and motors under loaded conditions to identify potential problems without equipment outages.

TAI-SCI utilizes Level 1 Certified Thermographers to record the conditions of operating equipment using state of
the art thermographic cameras. Our electricians have been trained in NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace and utilize the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to safely open Motor Control Centers, Panelboards and other Electrical Distribution Equipment to obtain the thermographic images for analysis.

TAI-SCI will prepare a report detailing abnormal conditions and generate recommendations for repair. TAI-SCI can follow up with qualified electricians to address the recommendations and perform another Thermographic Inspection to ensure the faulty condition has been resolved.

For a quote or more information on these services please contact:

Greg Wilder – Electrical Services Division Manager
Email: greg.wilder@taisci.com
Office: 410-413-1848
Mobile: 410-903-2610

Michael Pendergast – Principal, Director Electrical Engineering
Email: mpendergast@taiengineering.com
Mobile: 410-322-7895

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