Upgrade your Allen-Bradley SLC instead of replacing to save money and limit downtime

TAI’s solution to upgrade your control systems – rather then replace – can be done with minimal cost. With the product life cycle status of Allen-Bradley SLC 500 nearing its end, TAI can offer the transition from SLC 500 to CompactLogix 5380 Control Systems using proven applications from Rockwell Automation. TAI ‘s Electrical, Automation & Controls Systems Group can engineer the project and update project drawings, including the migration of the application program. The upgraded processor and associated IO fits in the same footprint as the SLC 500 rack. The conversion uses the existing wired connectors to make the transition to CompactLogix’s system without re-landing wires and the retrofit and upgrade can be done with minimum down time to your production schedule.

Upgrade your SLC 500 before it is no longer supported. We can walk you through the conversion to show you how it works.


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