Roof anchor point inspections

*OSHA REGULATION ENFORCEMENT* Roof anchor point re-certifications are due every 10 years!

Keep your team SAFE and remain in compliance with TAI’s inspection and test services.

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Our Engineers will inspect, test and certify your roof anchors and provide all necessary documentation to keep you in compliance with OSHA regulations.
* See Inspection requirements for more details:


TAI’s full suite of services includes inspection, assessment, design, and/or reinforcement of existing and new steel and concrete structures.  We can perform engineering and detailed design of new steel support structures, buildings, platforms, pipe bridges/supports, roof reinforcement, and concrete containment structures, retaining walls, piers, and foundations.”


  • Inspect, test and certify anchorages
  • Compliance documentation
  • Roof Analysis
  • Equipment Supports
  • Wind loading Analysis
  • Remedial Strengthening Design
  • Commercial Design and Renovation

  • Structures & Structural Systems
  • Bridges & Civil Systems
  • Slabs/Walls/Roofs
  • Retaining Walls
  • Platforms & Stair Towers
  • Foundations & Footings
  • Seismic and High Strength Anchorage Vessels

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