Mechanical Engineering (Buildings & Facilities)

TAI designs for optimal energy performance and adaptability throughout the life of your building.

For All Buildings

Our capabilities are extensive. TAI Engineering has deployed our mechanical HVAC and Plumbing services in a wide range of industries and for numerous Fortune 500 clients. We can complete the mechanical engineering tasks at every stage — from scope development and master planning, to design and peer review. Our goal is to achieve the smartest use of energy within the specified budget, while planning for ease of modifications in the future.

For Government, Defense, and Large Corporations

TAI specializes in designs for secure government and defense contractor facilities, and we also work frequently with large corporate organizations. TAI’s engineers have developed the expertise required to serve these customers and we have developed design methodologies to work with large organizations that may have multiple user groups involved in the design process. Contact us to learn how we align the actions of our engineers with the goals of your stakeholders.



IPD project saves client $1.5MM

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (Building & Facilities) Capabilities:

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