Location: Controls Engineering • Panel Design • Commissioning • PLC/HMI Programming
Completed: 2020
Value Class: $3,800

A leading spice importer and custom manufacturer who offers an extensive line of superior pure spices, custom blended seasonings, highly specialized capsicum products and a wide variety of other specialty food ingredients.

Project Details


The Client needed to improve response to power loss on three PLC systems. We were challenged to use the capabilities of the PLC to recognize a power loss and respond with a graceful shutdown and a restart appropriate for production once power was restored. We were requested to deliver a solution that would not require programming or electrical technician knowledge for the operations and support personnel for restart after a power outage.


TAI performed the PLC programming and configuration to improve the reaction to power loss on three installed PLC systems. The updates were applied to continuous process spice cleaning and milling systems. These services were completed by avoiding a major processor fault on power loss and therefore to restart without the need to clear a PLC Major Fault. Revising the system response to not create a processor fault when I/O communications were lost required some additional programming. It is important to know when I/O communications are lost due to reasons other than a power loss and continue to respond appropriately to this type of fault. Programming was added to create alarms and alert operators to the fault condition(s). This allows the graceful shutdown of the production line and lets the operators restart in an appropriate manner once fault conditions are corrected.


TAI provided the PLC configuration and programming improvements meeting the timeline requested by the customer. In an operation that may run any time of day and any day of the week, the improvements allow quick recovery and restart once power is restored after a loss. The quick restart improves uptime approximately two percent. Now the customer does not need a programming laptop connection or special training to recover after a power loss.

Services Provided:

  • Commissioning Services
  • Panel Design
  • PLC/HMI Programming


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