Location: New Jersey
Completed: 2021
Value Class: <$500K

Client is a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the biopharma, healthcare, education & government, and advanced technologies & applied materials industries. Their portfolio is used in virtually every stage of the most important research, development and production activities in the industries we serve.

Project Details


The Client needed full facility inspection and test plan of their PSM piping to remain compliant with current 29 OSHA 1910.119 standards. The PSM piping program consisted of some 780 individual piping lines within 41 P&IDs to field verify and red lined for needed corrections/updates. Project started in May 2020 with expected completion date by 2nd quarter 2021. Project progress was monitored utilizing KPls consisting of Gantt Project charts and individual graphs depicting fluid service progress of the inspection and test plan provided to the Client on a weekly basis. Included in the PSM project was the monitoring and inspection plan of (24) DPCC New Jersey jurisdiction tanks and 41 other vessels/storage tanks inspection needed to be completed by their individual due dates.


TAI provided a project manager certified to API 570 & 580 standards, a senior technician and inspection technician, both API 570-certified, for piping program requirements including locating P&ID’s, highlighting covered piping for use in the field, and systemization of covered piping to allow for efficiency of field inspections including visual inspections and ultrasonic thickness data collection. The senior inspector has a mechanical engineering degree and is efficient at organizing documents to be used in the field for the inspections. The project manager and senior API 570 inspector were experienced and efficient at systemization of piping systems.

Program Development consisted of:

  • Identified PSM fluid services.
  • Detailed circuits (if needed) of each fluid service on P&IDs.
  • Highlighted covered piping on P&ID’s for use in the field.
  • Development of Inspection and test plan (ITP) based on operational use and API570 classification.
  • Systemization of process piping systems.

Field Activities consisted of:

  • Complete visual inspection of all available lines by Senior API Inspector.
  • Verify and red line P&ID’s as needed to update for accuracy.
  • Thickness survey to meet API 570 standard by certified technician.

Report Activities consisted of:

  • Detailed final inspection report for each pipe circuit providing recommendations.
  • Detailed thickness spreadsheet providing corrosion rate and remaining life.
  • AutoCAD drawings for all pipelines indicating test points completed.

TAl’s qualified, experienced inspectors executed exterior inspections of the Client’s piping in a timespan of three months to accommodate the client’s schedule, ensuring the facilities were operating at optimal performance and getting them back on track to adhering to industry safety standards. Currently the PSM piping inspection and test plans are ongoing and expected to be wrapped up by 2nd quarter 2021 based on delays caused by COVID 19.

Services Provided:

  • Inspection & Test Services


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