Location: Lusby, MD
Completed: 2010
Value Class: <$50K Engineering

The Client, headquartered in Richmond, VA, is primarily a provider of gas transportation and storage services.

Project Details


The Client plant was built in 1970s to receive, store and process supplies of LNG from Algeria. Later, the facility was used to liquefy, store and distribute natural gas for use in the growing Mid-Atlantic region. The Client aimed to further develop the infrastructure to increase the ship unloading capacity from 155,000 cubic meters of LNG to 267,000 cubic meters of LNG. TAI was brought on to reinforce the offshore platform to accomplish this goal.


Infrastructure Development for Pier Reinforcement
The Client contracted directly with TAI to provide structural engineering related services to upgrade the offshore platform through the installation of four (4) new mooring dolphins at each berth, reinforcement of four (4) existing breasting dolphins at each berth and the installation of seven (7) new quick-release mooring hooks for each berth. In addition, new automated gangways, approach display boards, hook release control panels, docking aid systems, load management systems, central monitoring systems, and area walkway lighting were included in the offshore unloading pier upgrade. TAI also provided on-site mechanical, process and electrical controls engineering personnel that were directed by the Client’s Engineering Management as well as senior level plant operators.


Project Highlights

Offshore work for the addition of new breasting and mooring dolphins, the structural features of the docking pier that also required the design of structural platform extensions.
Service platform modifications, which involved docking mechanisms, pier lighting, and ship maneuvering control systems
TAI construction oversight during construction to support the pier upgrade.

Key Project Responsibilities

Generated new drawings and modified existing drawings
Provided design and specifications for the project in accordance with the SPC
-EE-Ins-50.1, Revision 5 and other applicable codes & standards
The TAI Principal Electrical Engineer designated for this project attended six (6) design review meetings

Services Provided:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering


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