Location: Baltimore, MD

The Client is a company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that produces drywall gypsum boards in the US. It has 17 gypsum board plants in the US and presents itself as a fully integrated building products manufacturer.

Project Details

As part of the Client’s safety program, TAI provided the following arc flash training for electrical workers:

  • Applicable codes and standards
  • OSHA enforcement – case histories
  • NFPA 70E requirements relevant to arc flash safety
  • Definition of technical terms
  • Important technical concepts and how they relate to electrical safety, including: arc flash boundary, limited approach boundary, incident energy, bolted fault, arcing fault, clearing time of protective devices.
  • The importance of de-energizing equipment before work and minimizing hot work
  • The importance of maintenance as a first line of defense in preventing incidents
  • Proper work practices that help prevent incidents
  • Proper use and maintenance of PPE

The training consisted of four contact hours and included a slide show presentation, a written test, and award of certificates of completion.


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