Once a site is built, TAI engineers are experienced in inspecting the completed facility and certifying that the created designs have been properly constructed.

Site Design

Development of documents for client installations at green space, rooftop, water tank, and existing telecom sites have been performed many times for a variety of clients by our engineering staff. TAI has experienced personnel in all engineering telecommunication disciplines, including; civil, structural, mechanical and electrical.

Structural Analysis

In addition to providing developmental documents, TAI provides engineers who have the ability to analyze existing building or tank structures for added telecom related loads.

Civil Coordination

Our engineers coordinate with civil affiliates to provide FAA Survey Certification, Boundary and Topographic Surveys, Metes & Bounds Surveys, and Legal Descriptions.

On-Site Data Collection & Inspections

TAI has the expertise to be an active participant on tech team walks along with client representatives to assemble the preliminary design that considers and addresses all discipline issues.

Zoning Process Participation

TAI provides technical representation at hearings & municipal committee meetings to facilitate the site development receiving approvals.

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Wireless Telecom
Wireless Telecom


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