TAI’s Commitment to Our Community Regarding COVID-19

Dear Community,

TAI remains committed to addressing the challenges of responding to COVID-19.  We want to inform you of the precautions and safety measures TAI has put in place during this time to care for the safety, health and well-being of our employees, our business partners, and our clients. We continue to monitor national, state, and local health authorities’ updates in making our decisions on our response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Based on all information available at this time, it is our intention to keep operations open and focus on keeping everyone safe while serving the needs of our clients and their individual projects.  To do this, we are working toward tailored solutions which address the rapidly varying conditions while still maintaining our commitments.

TAI has made provisions to have personnel work remotely where their job functions allow.  Additionally, we have implemented protocols to protect our workforce no matter their workplace. We are relying on the advantages provided by technology to avoid unnecessary direct interface and travel. Our objective is to fully maintain the level of service and responsiveness while adjusting to alternative working arrangements — whether it be in the field, in the office, or through working remotely.

We understand that in uncertain times, our clients may need us even more, and we have asked our account managers and project managers to be in regular contact with you. Feel free to reach out to them at any time with questions or to understand how we are prevailing through the various issues that we are all facing each day.

As matters progress, and if needed, we will be in touch again. For now, we wish you the best. Please stay safe and healthy.

The TAI Principals

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