Meet the Staff

TAI offers a wide range of Engineering, Management, and Technical Service career opportunities. We are always seeking talented individuals to join our dynamic team, whether you are a recent graduate or experienced professional. Our competitive salary and benefits package, in addition to a challenging and diverse work environment, ensure that employees can achieve their full career potential.

TAI’s strong workplace community has become part of our corporate identity. We work together as an organization to support, recognize and appreciate the contributions of each team member.  TAI’s Mission Statement provides a platform where common values lay a framework for building company relationships built on respect, support, and camaraderie. If you would like to become part of an organization where you can take pride in your career, your contributions and your company, please send your resume to


Employee Stories

Ben Amoss, PE, PMP, CAP

Senior Electrical, Automation & Controls Engineer

Bens is an interdisciplinary Controls Engineer with professional experience in agricultural, biotechnology, control systems, and food process industries. He exhibits intricate knowledge of biological processing, enzymes, and food and fiber systems with electrical, mechanical, and chemical aptitudes allowing cross functional team leadership. Extensive work in control system architecture from machine to distributed control platforms for Allen Bradley RS500 and RSLogix5000 and Siemens TIA components. Mr. Amoss’ variable frequency drive experience from micro-inclusion liquid pump control to industrial animal feed conveyors and screws. Detailed control systems and machine equipment developer. Possesses demonstrate ability to interface with sales and operational teams supporting multiple product classes. Superior communication, interpersonal, presentation and management skills. Exceptional ability working in fast-paced environments while performing multiple activities. In addition, he has practiced event mitigation skills over a large range of systems, processes, and interdependencies. Mr. Amoss is a technical representative and subject matter expert capable of disseminating ideas and recommendations to international teams.

“Working for TAI has afforded me the joy of performing what I enjoy doing while raising a family. They offer diverse local opportunities that allow me to balance my professional and personal life. When COVID gripped the nation, I was placed in a high-profile position directly supporting vaccine production efforts while expanding my knowledge in my field. Being able to make an impactful career working for TAI is incredibly fulfilling and instills me with a daily sense of pride rarely found in other organizations.”

CJ Bethke

Charles "CJ" Bethke

Certified Instrumentation & Controls Technician, ISA CCST Level II

CJ joined TAI’s Instrumentation & Controls Field Service Team as an Instrumentation Apprentice and has serviced both our Non-GMP Industrial Customers and GMP Life Sciences / Food and Beverage customers. CJ had no prior experience or knowledge of the industry before joining TAI but he received on-the-job training with TAI’s internal calibration program and ISO17025 QA Procedures. He also took ProCal Training with Prime Technologies – but it was his work in the field that really launched CJ forward by immersing him into the industry and gaining valuable experience. CJ obtained his ISA CCST Level I and ISA CCST Level II and has worked with over 20 clients in the manufacturing industry since joining TAI.

“Towards the end of my apprenticeship, I was placed onsite at a client’s site for long term support. This project helped me fine-tune my skills through repetitive work which enabled me to work independently at other client sites. I have a good support system through my other co-workers and managers. I’m often partnered with new apprentices to provide mentorship and training. TAI has provided me with many advancement opportunities and I look forward to continuing growing my career within the company.”

Adam Kasprzyk

Adam Kasprzyk

Project Manager

Adam has been with TAI for over 9 years and has been in the engineering industry for over 17 years. His journey at TAI has been like an exciting rollercoaster ride. He started his TAI career as a Mechanical Designer and then moved into the Lead Mechanical Designer role, which allowed him to gain experience and knowledge to become an employee of increased value at TAI. With this newly acquired experience and knowledge, TAI saw an even more promising future for Adam, ultimately promoting him to a Project Manager in the Buildings & Facilities division, where he currently operates. In his spare time, Adam enjoys working out, riding his Harley-Davidson and relaxing on his boat during the summer months.

“TAI has been very supportive by encouraging continuing education and providing all the tools needed to progress into my current position. TAI provides a work environment that gives the employee room to grow and advance from within the company.”