Mechanical Services

TAI combines Mechanical Craft Know-how with comprehensive Engineering, Management, and Technical Service capabilities to enrich the quality of Mechanical  Services we provide.  Our 23 years of experience in constructing, maintaining, commissioning, and decommissioning facilities over a range of industries affirms that TAI has the capabilities to service your Mechanical Service needs.  TAI’s corporate culture assures that these services are provided in a cost effective, safe, and professional manner.

Quality Services delivered on time and at good value; it’s what you expect – It’s what we do.

Equipment & Systems

  •     Process Piping
  •     Power Piping
  •     Rotating Equipment
  •     Tanks & Vessels
  •     Platforms/ Mezzanines
  •     Conveyors
  •     Handrails/ Stairways
  •     Machinery
  •     Bag Houses
  •     Dust Collectors
  •     Heat Exchangers
  •     Building Utilities

Core Competencies

  •     ASME/AWS Certified Welding
  •     Pipefitting
  •     Millwrighting
  •     Metal Fabrication
  •     Rigging
  •     Equipment Setting
  •     Structural Steel Fabrication
  •     Hydo/Pneumatic Testing
  •     Machinery Installation/ Repair


TAI’s Mechanical Services Division has successfully executed a broad range of services in a variety of industries and manufacturing facilities.
Our staff is comprised of Pipefitters, ASME & AWS Certified Pipe Welders, Certified Weld Inspectors, Maintenance Mechanics, Millwrights, Iron Workers and Carpenters.
TAI’s Mechanical Services Division is fully equipped with the necessary resources required to provide service 24/7/365.
TAI adapts to the specific needs of each client, each project, and each task.  We confirm your objectives before beginning and provide documentation upon completion to assure execution.
We ensure each project is completed without incident by analyzing and mitigating each task’s associated hazards.