Inspection & Test Services

TAI understands Industry’s essential need for quality Inspection & NDE Personnel and Services. Federal, State and Local Regulations combined with Industry Codes, Standards, and Best Practices drive demand for capable and qualified resources to service these requirements.

For over 20 years, TAI has been responding to Industry’s Inspection & NDE needs through our experienced staff and our corporate capabilities. Our company’s people and programs have been certified by various agencies including API, CWI, STI and NACE through independent review and testing. Internal procedures and programs have been developed to advance the offering of these services. Finally, we have placed our focus on Service. TAI is committed to working with you as a partner to fulfill your Inspection & NDE needs.

Inspection Capabilities

  • Piping Inspections (API 570)
  • Storage Inspections (API 653)
  • Vessel Inspections (API 510)
  • Weld Inspections (CWI)
  • STI Certified
  • PA DEP Certified
  • Third Party Vendor Surveillance

Related Services

  • Inspector Placement Services
  • API Inspectors
  • NDE Technicians
  • QA/QC Inspectors
  • NACE Inspectors for Coating/Lining Systems
  • Welding Program Development
  • Mechanical Integrity Program Development
  • P&ID Updates
  • CAD Services

A Wealth of Field Experience...
We have faced the challenges of keeping plant equipment operational and in compliance as

A Broad Base of Knowledge...
Our root‐level experience in design and fabrication gives us an in‐depth knowledge of the
equipment we inspect, allowing deeper, more comprehensive integrity assessment and
enhanced predictive capability.

We show up on time, fully equipped to perform your work; no excuses.
Inspection Codes and Standards...
We remain informed and up‐to‐date on all code and standard‐related changes, and that we
communicate the implications of those changes to the client.

We ensure each project is completed without incident by analyzing and remediating each
task’s associated hazards.

Customer Service...
If you need us we will be there; day or night.


Technical Expertise

    Industry Codes & Standards
    State & Local Regulations
    N.J.A.C. 12:90
    40 CFR 112
    40 CFR 68
    33 CFR 154
    29 CFR 1910.119
    API 650
    API 653
    API 620
    API 573
    API 510