Industry & Manufacturing

TAI provides a complete range of Engineering, Management, and Technical Services to Industry and Manufacturing.  Our motto “Partnering with Industry for Success” has been a defining principle in determining the structure of our company and remains ever present in our company’s operational considerations.  We are proud that we have built a company which is capable, stable and client focused, and we are excited about the opportunity to serve your future needs.

TAI possesses a unique history that has guided the formation of the company’s people, systems, and values. Having extensive experience, working directly or in-directly, as plant engineers, operations managers, maintenance staff, etc. has allowed the management and staff of TAI to understand what is required to truly serve the needs of Industry and Manufacturing.  Having stood in your shoes as “insiders” provides TAI a distinct advantage in understanding and responding to your project needs.

TAI has the know-how to serve a broad range of industries. Fundamental Engineering, Management, and Technical Service means and methods are adapted to the specific demands of each unique market sector.  Where applicable, best practices are cross pollinated to new market sectors allowing TAI to bring unique solutions to our clients challenges.